Communicating Online/Cyberbullying

Stop Cyberbullying 6/7

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will get an introduction to what cyberbullying is and how to stay safe online to avoid being cyberbullied.

Click here for Lesson Plan and Assessments: Cyberbullying 6/7

Cyberbullying PowerPoint Option #1: Cyberbullying 1

Cyberbullying PowerPoint Option #2: Cyberbullying 2

End Cyberbullying Video

Stop CyberBullying Worksheet


Cyberbullying and the Law (Grade8+)

Lesson Overview

“In this lesson, students learn about and discuss the legal aspects of cyberbullying. They review a variety of hypothetical scenarios and a case study, and they consider the seriousness of the situations, who is legally responsible, what action (if any) should be taken and by whom” (Media Smarts).

Click here for Media Smarts Lesson Plan (2 lessons)

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