Information Literacy/Research Skills

Grade 8/9 Research Skills Lesson

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will learn how to navigate the internet for information and avoid inappropriate content.

Click here for Lesson Overview and Assessment: Research Skills Lesson Grade 8/9

In the above lesson document, there are a variety of links to use with your class. To get to the links hold the CTRL button and pretty the blue link and it will take your to that website.


Google Like a Boss Research Skills (Grade 6-8)

Lesson Overview

Google isn’t human and cannot infer what you are trying to search, it is our responsibility to give search engines the information it needs in order to better refine our search to get what we are looking for. In this lesson, students will learn tips and tricks to increase their efficiency and refine their searches online using Google and Kid Rex (

Click here for Lesson Plan and Assessments: Research Skills



Website Reliability (Grade 6-8)

Lesson Overview

The internet can be a great thing, but it can also be a place where people falsify information. The more tips and tricks we have to tell if information is true or false, the better we can trust our research online. In this lesson, students will learn different ways to check if a website is reliable and explore 4 websites to see if they can really tell real from fake.

Click here to download lesson plan and assessment: Website Reliability

Websites used:

All About Explorers

Stop Bullying Now

Kids Health

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

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