Computer Instruction

The following is a Computer Instruction Scope and Sequence for K-12, this includes most basic computer skills that students should meet. Do not think of this as extra work, most of these skills are cross-curricular and able to be integrated in any subject. Click below for the Scope and Sequence 2 page overview and the Scope and Sequence Resource document that has links to websites and programs to be used to meet each skill.

Computer Instruction Scope and Sequence K- 12

Computer Instruction Scope and Sequence Resources

Below are links to websites used to meet basic skills. These websites are for students to use. They can use these to link to the websites.

Mouse Skills – Learn basic mouse skills: 

K-3: Fun Brain, Mini Mouse, ABCYa! Mouse Skills.

Grade 4+: Advanced Mouse Skills, Addicting Games Mouse Skills

Keyboarding – Learn letter locations and learn to keyboard accurately. 

K- 3: Keyboard Zoo, Fun to Type,

Grade 4+: Typing Web, Fun to Type, Tying Games/Tests

Perform Searches to Find Information (see Information Literacy/Research Skills sections under Grade Groups)

Kid Rex – Kid-friendly safe search engine sponsored by Google.

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