Parents & Useful Links


Common Sense Media is a great resource for kids, parents and teachers. It offers videos, hands outs and information on how to help students navigate social media and the digital world.

 Capture provides resources and information on cyberbullying, how to report it and how to prevent it. There are useful videos, text and links for parents, teachers and students.


Kids Help Phone is a toll-free, 24-hour anonymous phone counselling, referral and Internet service for children and youth. The service is completely anonymous and confidential. Call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 if you want to talk. Click on the picture above to go to the Kids Help Phone website.



Erase Bullying is a website to learn more about how to stop bullying. There are resources for parents, teacher and students. There is also a place to REPORT BULLYING. If you, or someone you know is being bullied. Report it! Click on the picture above to go to the Kids Help Phone website.

indexBeaPro™ Parent App. The only online safety app that helps you protect your child’s future! It assesses current trends in your household and offers expert online-safety advice and resources tailored to your household. With this information the app them explains how parents can pass this information to their children.


A Parents’ Guide to Facebook

This PDF from provides parents with a run down of the in’s and out’s of Facebook.


Internet Safety Tips for Parents

This website contains information with tips for internet safety for parents, teen and the consequences and law surrounding misuse of the internet.


The FBI Parent Guide to Internet Safety

The FBI Parent Guide contains information about how to talk to your kids about online safety and what signs to look out for to indicate your child might be at risk online.


The Door That’s Not Locked is a website and supported by the Government of Canada and provides information about all things internet safety. There are quizzes, questions and answers and general information about using the internet. 



Safe Surfing Kids is a website that provides students and parents information about being safe online. The parent section is particularly useful with tips about how to talk to your child about being safe online, how to set your Internet browser to do safe searches and popular acronyms and “texting language” commonly used today.

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