Planning 10 Resources

Below are resources, lessons, websites and useful information to use with your Planning 10 students. The topics range from sexting to healthy relationships.

Grade 9/10 Activity Booklet – This activity booklet is brought to you by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. It will teach students about relationship and sexual consent. Some of the other topics covered in this booklet include stereotypes, dating relationships, sexual violence and information about the legal consequences of unwanted to illegal sexual contact.


Digital Footprint and Reputation Lessons (2 Lessons)

Lesson Overview: 

In this lesson, students will learn how to build a positive digital footprint and protect their reputation online. They will do this with hands-on activities on social media sites.

Click here for lesson plans: Digital Footprint Lesson

Questions Sheet for Digital Footprint Lesson

Digital Paw Print Mind Map Worksheet: Digital Paw Print

PGSS Anti-bullying Lib Guide Link



Google in Education: Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship

The good people over at Google have designed an interactive curriculum aimed to support secondary teachers and students on YouTube’s policies, how to report content, how to protect privacy online, and how to be responsible digital citizens. They offer lessons in English and French, as well as many other languages.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media provides a K – 12 Scope and Sequence for topics relating to Digital Citizenship such as: Internet Safety, Privacy and Security, Relationship and Communication, Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint, Self-image and Identity, Information Literacy and Creative Credit and Copyright.


Useful Videos

 RCMP Cyberbullying: Bullying 2.0 Video

You Can’t Take it Back Video by NetSmartz

The Cyberbullying Virus

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